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I deliver keynotes, participate in panels, and lead workshops.

My primary objective is always the same: to reframe how the audience thinks about AI ethics so they can see it clearer than they did before and thereby know how to make progress.

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Examples of talks, all of which can be tailored to your organization’s goals:

What it is, current approaches, and how to do better

How well we identify the ethical risks of AI depends first and foremost on how we think about the issue. Intended for everyone from the C-suite to product owners to data scientists, this talk gives everyone a firm grip on how to conceptualize the problem, with a particular focus on the big three: bias, explainability, and privacy. 

From principles to policies to implementation

Every organization that develops AI solutions needs a systematic and comprehensive approach to identifying and mitigating AI ethical risks. Intended for senior executives, this talk dives into the 7 essential elements of a robust AI ethical risk program.

Why you can't math your way out of the problem

If there’s a single issue in AI ethics that’s particularly pressing, it’s the issue of biased or discriminatory models. Intended for anyone who is involved in the production or approval of AI products, this talk identifies the failures and risks of current approaches to bias mitigation and lays out steps for a more systematic, comprehensive approach.

What we need to know and why

Black box AI models can be scary. It seems obvious that we need the ability to explain why our AIs give the outputs that they do. But explainability doesn’t come for free, and sometimes it’s ethically imperative and other times it’s a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have. This talk, intended for anyone involved in the production or approval of AI products, explains when explainability matters and when it doesn’t, and what good explanations look like.


My ½ and full day workshops incorporate elements from the above and more, depending on your organization’s goals.