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We work with senior leaders spearheading AI ethics or Responsible AI efforts at their organizations. Our job is to provide them with the clearest and most practical guidance our expertise allows. We point out red flags, ensure a solid foundation is built, and provide guidance throughout implementation.

If you might need our help, let’s have a conversation to see if we’re a fit. Reach out to

How We Work With Clients

  • Design custom sessions for executives, data scientists, and non-technologists throughout your organization.
  • Define your AI ethical risk standards

  • Perform risk/gap/feasibility analyses to determine how to allocate your resources

  • Design a framework and strategic roadmap

  • Implement framework and track rollout, compliance, and impact with metrics and KPIs

  • Know whether your standards are clear, actionable, and measurable.

  • Identify where your organization is at risk and how to derisk

  • Integrate ethical risk governance with infrastructure, policies, and workflows.

  • Align AI ethical risk metrics and KPIs with existing business, operational, ethics, DEI, and ESG metrics



Ingrid’s and Matthew’s expertise and experience round out a team of AI ethical risk mitigation experts: Reid is the ethicist, Ingrid is the risk and innovation expert, and Matthew is the cybersecurity expert. 

Advisory Partner

Ingrid is a deep-tech, healthcare and life sciences executive, who is highly dedicated to digital and ethics advocacy. She is a well known futurist, globalist, digital strategist, passionate educator and entrepreneurship ecosystem builder, known as a global thought leader for Blockchain, AI, Quantum Technology, Digital Twins, Smart Cities. She serves on the Board of numerous organizations and held several leadership roles in the corporate, academic and not for profit arenas throughout her career. She is the recipient of several awards and serves as an Expert Advisor to the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum, a Forbes Business Council member, and an Advisor to the UN Legal and Economic Empowerment Network. She continues to enjoy teaching Ethical Leadership, Innovation and Digital Transformation at the WBAF Business School-Division of Entrepreneurship, and the University of Miami Business School, the Executive MBA Program.

Advisory Partner
Matthew Rosenquist headshot 2022 1200x800

Matthew is a Cybersecurity Strategist and benefits from 30 diverse years in the fields of cyber, physical, and information security.  Mr. Rosenquist is the former Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp., the CISO for, a member of multiple advisory boards, and consults on best-practices and emerging risks to academia, businesses, and governments across the globe.

Mr. Rosenquist specializes in security strategy, measuring value, developing best-practices for cost-effective capabilities, and establishing organizations that deliver optimal levels of cybersecurity, privacy, ethics, and safety.  As a cybersecurity strategist, he identifies evolving risks and opportunities to help organizations balance threats, costs, and usability factors to achieve an ideal level of security.

Matthew is very active in the industry as an influencer.  He is an experienced keynote speaker, collaborates with industry partners to tackle pressing problems, often presents at conferences, and has published acclaimed articles, white papers, methodologies, and best practices on a wide range of cybersecurity topics. His focus is to enable an organization’s ability to achieve success by helping leadership identify a path forward in managing long-term security, privacy, safety risks.