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Episode #14

Should We Care About Data Privacy?

You might think it’s outrageous that companies collect data about you and use it in various ways to drive profits. The business model of the “attention” economy is often objected to on just these grounds.

On the other hand, does it really matter if data about you is collected and no person ever looks at that data? Is that really an invasion of your privacy?

Carissa and I discuss all this and more. I push the skeptical line, trying on the position that it doesn’t really matter all that much. Carissa has powerful arguments against me.

This conversation goes way deeper than ‘privacy good/data collection bad’ statements we see all the time. I hope you enjoy!

Carissa VĂ©liz is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the Institute for Ethics in AI, and a Fellow at Hertford College at the University of Oxford. She is the recipient of the 2021 Herbert A. Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy. She is the author of the highly-acclaimed Privacy Is Power (an Economist book of the year, 2020) and the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics. She advises private and public organisations around the world on privacy and the ethics of AI.